We are so happy that you are considering getting married at Calvary Church! This is an honor that we don't take lightly. We want to pray for you, support you, and do our best to help prepare you and your future spouse to live "happily ever after." You are invited to join over 1,000 other couples who have gone through our Pre-Marital Ministry process.

FALL Session will begin SEPTEMBER 8, 2019

Calvary is committed to helping couples build strong and God-honoring marriages. We recommend you begin the premarital process 12 months prior to your wedding. These classes benefit couples engaged or dating seriously. Any couple getting married at Calvary or by a Calvary pastor is required to attend these classes.

For information on how to sign-up & how CCQ couples can participate, email Deb Barlow.


• Identify areas of strength in your relationship and those areas where growth is needed
• Gain the skills and key principles necessary to successfully navigate the many aspects of married life
• Evaluate if you are truly ready to be married
• Understand what God designed for you as husband and wife and how following His plan really can help you experience the great marriage He designed for you

Core Elements of the Ministry   

*Couples planning to get married at Calvary Church must complete all elements of our process.

The 2 to 1 Class – Led by Calvary staff and volunteers, you and several other couples will spend several weeks exploring 10 key areas for building a strong marriage.

The PREPARE and ENRICH Inventory

Counseling – You'll sit with a trained counselor to review your PREPARE inventory and discuss other important topics regarding your relationship. Typically this will involve 4-6 sessions. 

Moneywise – A one-time appointment with a financially skilled member of our team to help you think through personal finances in regards to debt management and budget planning. 

Connecting with the Marrying Pastor  - This will be the last step in the premarital process to give final approval to be married by a Calvary pastor and to plan the wedding.

Time Line 

Couples who wish to go through our Pre-Marital Ministry process are encouraged to begin about one year before the wedding. We would prefer that couples finish their premarital work at least three months prior to their wedding, allowing you to truly assess and prepare to be married, and to spend the last few months focusing on the big day. 


• 2 to 1 class - $80/couple (includes class materials, the PREPARE & ENRICH inventory, books, and more)
• Counseling - $70/session (typically 4-6 sessions)
• Moneywise - free
• Wedding costs - This is dependent on your specific plans. We try to keep this to minimum. The pastor will review wedding costs with you along with the rest of the wedding manual when you meet with him.

Getting Started 

Ready to begin this exciting process? Want to learn more? For more info, contact Deb Barlow.