Everyone Is Invited!

We believe that God invites everyone to become part of his family through a relationship with Jesus. One of the primary ways God extends that invitation is through the local church. The church is sent by God to invite others to explore a relationship with him, experience a community that lives out the values and principles found in the Bible, and to ultimately discover what it means to place their faith in Jesus and to live for him. 

Membership Requirements 

Membership is a way to identify with Calvary Church, embrace our beliefs, values, and vision, and commit to extend those same things to others. At Calvary, we say the vision of the church (and therefore each member) is to Continue What Jesus Started.

As a formal organization with official business to conduct, we ask members to participate in a variety of activities: vote on budgets, approve construction projects, and appoint elders, among other important tasks. Therefore, it is through the collective voice of the members that major decisions are made to further the mission God has for Calvary.

Ready to Pursue Membership at Calvary?

We look forward to you joining Calvary and helping us Continue What Jesus Started.

For more information on membership, contact Ray Kulbeda.