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10.13.19: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In - Living Dangerously


10.06.19: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In - Writing on The Wall

9.29.19: How to Stand Out When You Don't Fit In - Hard to be Humble

9.22.19: How to Stand Out When You Don't Fit In - Exploring the Furnace

09.15.19: How to Stand out When you Don’t Fit In - The Kingdom Dream

09.08.19: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In - Counter Cultural Living

09.01.19: Face Time - John - Is It Worth It?

08.25.19: Face Time - Holy Chutzpah

08.18.19: Face Time - Paul - On Your Face Time

08.11.19: Face Time - Breakfast on The Beach

08.04.19: Face Time - Breaking Barriers

7.28.19: Face Time - Surprise… at a Funeral


07.21.19: Face Time - Turbulent Encounters

07.14.19: Face Time - The Greatest Commandment

07.07.19: Face Time - Who’s Laughing Now?

06.30.19: Christianity Illustrated - So What?

06.23.19: Christianity Illustrated - Repentance and Mission

06.16.19: Christianity Illustrated - Lessons from Lazarus

06.09.19: Christianity Illustrated - Heavenly Ready

06.02.19: Christianity Illustrated- Gospel Stewardship

05.28.19: Christianity Illustrated- Wheat and Weeds

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05.19.19: Christianity Illustrated- Community of Neighbors

05.12.19: Christianity Illustrated- Don’t Give Up


05.05.19: Christianity Illustrated- Surprise!

04.28.19: Christianity Illustrated- Celebration of Salvation

04.14.19: Palm Sunday

04.07.19: Therefore Everyone, Week 12: Community and Mission

03.31.19: Therefore Everyone- Weak & Strong

03.24.19: Therefore Everyone - Christians, Politics, & Government

03.17.19: Therefore Everyone- Revisiting Relationships

03.10.19: Therefore Everyone- Real Love

03.03.19: Therefore Everyone- Unity

02.24.19: Therefore Everyone- Stress & Submission

02.17.19: Therefore Everyone - Guaranteed

02.10.19: Therefore Everyone- Joy in the Journey

02.03.19- Therefore Everyone: Groaning to Glory

01.27.19- Therefore Everyone: Benefits of the Gospel

Therefore Everyone- Getting Back in the Game

01.06.19: Haggai

12.30.18- CC Weekend Message

Christmas Eve 2018


12.09.18: For Everyone- Game Break

12.02.18: For Everyone- War Within

11.25.18: For Everyone- Law and Obedience

11.18.18: For Everyone- On the Other Side

11.11.18: For Everyone- Status Change

11.04.18: For Everyone: Compare & Contrast

10.28.18: For Everyone- Joy of Christianity

For Everyone- Justification

For Everyone-Righteousness & Response

For Everyone-Result & Review

For Everyone-Hear ye; Hear ye!

For Everyone-Rejection & Embrace

For Everyone - Getting Started

“_____ One Another.”

Compassionate Pursuit

Billboard Top 10 Verses: God Sends; Acts 1:8

Billboard Top 10 Verses: The Right Perspective

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Jeremiah 29:11

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Matthew 7:1

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Follow Me!

Billboard Top 10 Verses: John 3:16

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Interview with Rob Loughery

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Joshua 24:15

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Matthew 16:18

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Philippians 4:13

Reality Check: Church

Reality Check: Worry

Reality Check: God

Reality Check: Grief

Reality Check: Money

Reality Check: Mother’s Day

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Reality Check: Rest

Reality Check: Purpose

Reality Check: Community

Reality Check: Christianity

Easter 2018

Palm Sunday 2018

What's With Lent?

The Prequel: Recap & Review

The Prequel: Light in the Darkness

The Prequel: Paradoxical Rescuer

The Prequel: Highs & Lows

The Prequel: Ups & Downs

The Prequel: Twists & Turns

The Prequel: Stranger Things

The Prequel: Prequel to the Prequel

Get Growing

Say Yes!

The Faithfulness of God

Christmas 2017

Fruitology: Faithfulness

Fruitology: Self-Control

Fruitology: Kindness & Gentleness

Fruitology: Goodness

Fruitology: Patience

Fruitology: Peace

Fruitology: Joy

Fruitology: Love



Speak Up: Esther's Mission

Speak Up: Our Mission Motivates Our Mouths

You Belong Here: Living & Loving

You Belong Here: The Shark Tank

Summer 2017: Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks!

Summer 2017: Two Ways to Live

Summer 2017: Learning from Jesus: Lessons on Prayer

Summer 2017: Finding Your Rhythm of Rest

Summer 2017: Forgive

Summer 2017: Psalm 23

Summer 2017: Say Yes!

Summer 2017: Say No!

Summer 2017: Living the United Life

Summer 2017 Week 1 Souderton
Summer 2017 Week 1 Quakertown

CWJS- Series Conclusion

CWJS- Good News!?

CWJS- Preach the Word

CWJS- Engaging Scripture

CWJS- Engaging Culture

CWJS- Metamorphosis

CWJS- Practice the Pictures

CWJS- Made For More


CWJS: Acceptance, Flawed, Change

CWJS: Continuing What Jesus Started

This is the Life: This is the Life...After Death