Calvary Young Adults emphasize three primary values:

Transformational Development — developing an accurate, individual understanding of God’s perspective
Relational Community — connecting with young adults and within the greater Calvary context
Missional Service — putting faith into action for God’s Kingdom purposes

Calvary Young Adults is tailored to the 18-35 year-old crowd. We hope to see you at one of our events soon! (hosted at Souderton campus)



Tuesdays at 7:00pm
Meet in the Cafe/Room 213

Young Adult Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 18 at 7:00pm

Living Room Tuesdays is a safe place for Young Adults to discuss current issues, ask questions, and learn how the Bible directs us to respond to these issues. 

Pre-Marital Ministry

Considering getting married at Calvary Church? Over 1,000 other couples have gone through our Pre-Marital Ministry process. We welcome you to visit the link below to get more information on this exciting and important part of ministry to men and women at Calvary.

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