Christianity Illustrated

A look at the parables of Jesus

Everybody loves a good story...Winnie the Pooh, The Avengers, Jim and Pam from The Office, Lord of the Rings. Jesus was no exception and he loved to tell a good story, too.

Parables are stories with a purpose and Jesus used them as both windows and mirrors.

Through the window of parables, Jesus gives an honest picture of life as it is and how it could and should be.

Through the mirror of parables, we see our true selves reflected as we recognize that we’re not living the life God planned for us but are invited into the life God intends.

Join us for our Sunday morning series, Christianity Illustrated, as we dig into some of the parables and find out that Jesus didn’t just tell some good stories...he wrote the most amazing story ever told and has a place for each of us in it!