Continuing What Jesus Started





Looking at characters from the Old Testament part of the Bible that point us to Jesus


Have you ever placed an Amazon order and then immediately started wondering when it would arrive? Or maybe you've bought something on Ebay or Blue Apron and a day later you're already anxiously waiting for the mailman to show up at your door. Today we have the ability to track our deliveries which makes it a little easier to wait. We can sign-in and see when the item shipped, where it is right now, and the day and time that it will be delivered to our door.

Things were a little different before the first Christmas. People then were still impatient, and they'd get frustrated when they had to wait for something. But unlike today, they had no way of knowing precisely when things would arrive. The prophets promised that God’s gift of grace would be delivered and the people waited and waited, sometimes patiently and sometimes like a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve! But nothing happened for generations. God sent signs and reminders, but they still had to wait and wonder and maybe even worry.

There is instruction in waiting and that is what we are going to do for the month of November. We'll revisit some familiar characters from the first three acts of The Story and see what we can learn about Christmas by listening to their stories, learning from their struggles, and allowing their journeys to teach us how to have joy that comes from trusting and waiting on God's timing.