Make Big Church Small

Join a group of people who connect weekly by sitting in the same section of the Auditorium during a Sunday morning worship service, gathering afterward to connect more deeply, and volunteer together to serve our church and community.


How do I get connected in a calvary souderton section community?

  1. Choose a seating section where you would like to connect by viewing the map below.

  2. Meet the section leader. You can spot him or her standing at the back of the section after the service. The section leader can introduce you to others in that section and send you email updates on activities in their community.

  3. Attend section gatherings to get connected and involved in the community.
    Questions? Email us!

Sections Map of Auditorium

Auditorium Main Floor sections w_labels.png
Auditorium Balcony sections w_labels.png

Section Leaders

Section A // 9:00am

Norma Favors | Travis & Steph Maurer | Roger Simpson

SECTION A // 10:30AM

Marc & Morgan Grove | Melissa Lollar | Sarah Hange | Eric & Melissa Chrusch

Section B // 9:00am

Ruth Elliott | Charlotte Bosler | Carolyn McCreary

Section B // 10:30am

Marc & Morgan Grove | Julie Pizzichillo | Deb Turnipseed

section c // 9:00am

Alison & Stephen Paillard | Adrienne & Donte King | Lisa Martin

section c // 10:30am

Mike & Hayley Brantley | Les & Lee Patkos | James & Kristin Schmidt | Jason & Carrie Britland

section d // 9:00am

Micah & Tricia Bosico | Kevin & Marcia Brown

section d // 10:30am

Sharon Comly | Lisa Walters

section E // 9:00am

Chris & Mike Shafer

section E // 10:30am

section F // 9:00am

Dan Lopez

section F // 10:30am

Ian & Tara Eisenhart | Summer & Chuck Herring | Omar & Angela Kuhn | Hurley & Beth McBrierty

section G // 9:00am

Dan Lopez

section G // 10:30am

Ian & Tara Eisenhart | Summer & Chuck Herring | Omar & Angela Kuhn