An older friend of mine is facing a crisis. He does not make a lot of money after his past divorce and health issues. He is diabetic, recently got pneumonia, and suffers from depression and PTSD. He also has been clean from drugs but has struggled with them in the past. He hasn't been able to get steady work and is giving all that he has to his daughter to put her through college. On the first of January, he lost his home. His health is poor and he will have no where to live or stay. He has been turned away from all homeless shelters because they have been full or have restrictions based on income and such. I am scared for him, his safety, and his mental state moving forward. Please pray for God's healing and grace towards him. He does not know the Lord, but he needs him more than ever. Please pray for his safety, and Lord willing, some way to provide for himself. I don't want to lose him.