Please pray for my high school choir teacher as he, his wife, and new born baby are enduring indescribable pain at the moment. Please read the email below and pray that among all this pain, may the glory of the Lord and comfort be revealed to them. Stories like these are few and far between and only the Lord is able to to give them the strength to continue on. Thank you. Glory to God most high.

A message from Mr. Villante. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.:
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. I wanted to write and update everyone on how we’re all doing and why I won't be back for a little bit. It’s been a rough few days and your support means a lot to us.
Our baby was born at 11:18 PM on Wednesday, February 8. He was a big guy at 8 pounds, 6 ounces and 22.5 inches long. He's beautiful. He was born with a full set of hair and is the loudest crier I have ever heard. Immediately after birth however, both mom and baby suffered complications. The baby wasn't breathing and was immediately hooked up to oxygen. He started to breathe right after this but was labored and taken to the NICU.
Jess had complications as well and they were unable to stop her from bleeding. Due to a massive loss of blood she was taken to the OR. In order to save her life, she had to have an emergency hysterectomy. She very nearly died. She is still recovering in the ICU right now. She was heavily sedated and used an incubator to breathe, but was taken off it Friday. Now we are waiting for kidney results. It's possible she'll begin dialysis tomorrow if the tests don't improve.
The baby had been progressing wonderfully from birth but suffered a setback late Thursday and early Friday. He has been having mini seizure events. The doctors started to control them with phenobarbital but wanted to get more information. The best way to do this was to send him to CHOP. He’s currently admitted there. Their first priority is to completely stop all seizures which they seem to have done. Once they discover the correct dosage of medication they will run an MRI to give an idea of how his brain is doing. This is what will give us the most clarity on the situation but is also the scariest test remaining. They believe that his current problems stem from trauma at birth.
That’s everything I know for now. I will try to update when I can. This has been extremely difficult and it helps knowing we have people who care about us. If you want to do anything for us, please send your thoughts and prayers. We will need them.
The Villante Family

May God use his almighty plan to open their eyes and accept him as their everlasting savior! Amen