My 17 yr old son, who is special needs, came home and said he doesn't believe in God...but I am to blame I feel...I had stopped coming to church in March when the birth of my month and a half early baby was born and had no one to rely on. I prayed  and God worked wonders, but my son never saw it. Now he talks to a young man who is sharing his disbelief in God and has loads of questions that I can't answer.. I want to get him into a group but with the teen groups at night it's just not doable due to his meds wearing off.

Now for my other prayer...As stated above I have a soon to be 10 month old and I can't afford daycare and due to medical issues I would rather be home to take care of his to try to find legit and legal at-home work so I can do this or a job he can come with. I lost a babysitting job 4 days before Christmas, and they never paid what they were supposed I am a single mom so this was my only Christmas was very little but beautiful because I had my now I have about 3 months before I am going to loose everything that I worked for.

So please pray for my little family. Thank you and God bless.