Could you please pray for my granddaughter Myla. She is in the NICU on oxygen and has a blood infection because she ingested meconium in the womb. We need her lungs to be clear and for her to be able to breathe on her own.


I am asking prayers for my friend as she awaits the results of her breast biopsy. She is a mom of a special needs child and the main provider for her household. Please pray for her and her family in the waiting and the trusting.


I would like a prayer for a dear friend Johnnie. He had some very bad health issues but with God’s grace he is alive but he is in a wheelchair. I pray for a miracle that he would be able to talk and walk again.


I've struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for several years. I’m praying for a 100 percent transformation as I get closer with my creator and also to defeat this sickness.


Please pray for my cousin who is going through chemo treatments before he does stem cell treatment as his last option to survive.


Helen Robold passed away Saturday, August 10. She is survived by her husband Richard in Southampton, 5 children, 6 grandchildren , and 2 great grandchildren. Internment will be at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cheltenham.


Please pray for my mother-in-law, Eileen, who is having a triple bypass August 12. Prayers for the surgical team, surgery, and recovery are greatly appreciated. This was sudden and completely unexpected.


Please pray for a friend who had a serious 8-hour surgery in a Philadelphia hospital this week.


Please keep my son-in-law, Sam, in your prayers. He had hip surgery Tuesday. Thanks!


Praying the Lord will wrap his love around my 15-year old son, and show him love and peace as he struggles with ADHD, anxiety & depression.


Please pray God gives favor and blessing on my new job I start this week.


Please pray for Lizzy who is fighting leukemia and has appendicitis. The doctors are trying to treat with antibiotics to avoid surgery because she can’t risk any infections. Father God, please help heal Lizzy.


Please pray that my ex-husband Rich comes to know Jesus.
That he will be saved and be able to enjoy all that our Savior has to offer.
That he will be able to resist temptation and turn from evil.
I pray that he gives his whole heart to Jesus Christ.


Please pray for my son and family who are leaving the missionary field in Ireland due to changes in visa laws. Pray that my son will find a job when they relocate in NC in a few months. They have been in the missionary field for over 15 years and are now entering a professional field in the US.


I humbly ask that you might pray for complete healing of my lumbar and sacral spine, pelvis, and damaged groin, muscles and nerves, so that I can continue in our mission to spread the good news. After 28 months, 25 healthcare professionals, and no known cure, I am still struggling and now on disability.


My brother and his family are traveling to Italy 7/20/19. My mother and I are very nervous about their travels tomorrow. We need prayer for safety and a good trip over and back.


Please pray for my dad, Dave, who had a blood vessel burst inside his eye over the weekend. The doctors don’t think his retina was affected and he’s not in pain, but he has lost vision because of the blood leaking into his eye. The doctors hope it will eventually clear on its own, but could take months and there’s no guarantee that it will. Please pray for his vision to be restored and for patience while he waits as it’s a difficult change to adjust to suddenly. Thank you!

Karen Witte

Please pray for my brother-in-law Bernie who has terminal brain cancer and for Cindy his wife. Please pray for comfort, God's peace, and strength. Thank you.


Unspoken prayer request for a family member. Thanks!


Please pray for me. I have kidney failure, IBS, skin disease, and dental problems and I desperately still need help financially. I have good kids, but I think they and my husband are tired of me. They have stopped being compassionate and understanding. But they are beginning to make me feel bad because I need them to help me. Please pray for love and understanding in this family, and that they will continue to help me in every way until I can do better. Thank you.