Cynthia Gifford

Please Pray for my family after the death of our mother Eleanor Gifford. She passed on Saturday 7/7/2018 after a long illness. Also, thank you for all your prayers for a peaceful death, as she died very peacefully at home with family. 

Gail Titus

Asking for prayers for Matt Reiss. He is a Hilltown Police officer frequently here at Calvary on Sunday mornings for our protection. He has a cyst/tumor at the base of his skull and is scheduled for surgery next week.

Ruth Wasser

I asked for prayer last week for a meeting with a young girl and boy, did God show up! I was nervous and she was nervous but what a wonderful time it was! She was receptive to hearing about the Lord and is very open to come to Calvary! Thank you so much!

James Hansen

I'm writing this request for a devoted Christian man who just received the frightening news that he has a large 'mass' in his lungs. I ask for prayers for him and his wife as they go through the upcoming tests that will determine the seriousness of his condition.

Linda Raneri

My dear friend Betty celebrated her birthday on Saturday with 170 friends. Her pain from two broken ribs is subsiding and she definitely received her miracle! God is good!!

Betsy Sale

Prayers please for my dear friend Beverly. She is going blind from cataracts and is not able to have them removed because she is suffering from congestive heart failure. She is diabetic also. I believe God can heal her, she is only 65 years old and has one of the sweetest spirits I know. She loves The Lord and gives Him the Glory every day!!! Thank you for praying for Beverly. I know she will greatly appreciate it! God bless you.

Betsy Sale

Please pray for our grandson Frank. Apparently, for the last year the doctors have found blood in his urine which is being caused from an issue in his liver. He is 12 years old and a wonderful young man. He is living in South Carolina and needs a definite touch from the Lord. Thank you for your prayers!

Ruth Wasser

I would like to ask prayer for a meeting that I am having on Monday. A girl that I have watched grow up has asked to meet with me to discuss my political views and also to share her story with me. I will say that our views are completely opposite but she is seeking, I believe. I want God's love to shine through me and for her to feel acceptance from me, no matter what her beliefs are. I also ask for God to open her eyes to His love for her!

Mary Tornetta

My great nephew, English Bedford, age 4, is in the hospital with an infection. They do not know the source of infection and are running tests to try to determine the source and how to treat it. Please pray for English, his parents, Adam and Robbie, all of the medical people working to help him, and his grandparents, my sister and brother in law, Robin and Jim.


Asking for prayers for my son & myself. After 13 years of marriage, my husband has cheated on me. He is broken and flawed and doesn't know why he is unhappy but he is and can't work on fixing the destruction he has caused because he doesn't know what is wrong. My son is 2 1/2 and has Sensory Processing Disorder so all of this is heightened for him. Prayers to have God light this dark path for us to make me and my son stronger and ok in the end. Prayers for me to be able to stop blaming myself and to come to terms with his choices.

Linda Raneri

My dear friend Betty, still living independently, will be turning 100 on Saturday, June 30, and a large celebration is planned. However, she fell last week and has two broken ribs. She is a strong believer and is hoping for healing and pain relief to enjoy her long awaited celebration of her 100 years this Saturday. She tells me she “needs a miracle”. Please pray for healing.


My cousin is assisting a friend in Florida who has invasive squamous cell cancer on his face and will be undergoing a ten to twelve hour surgery July 2 . He is very weak and in great pain as he faces the surgery. He has an invalid daughter Nicole who is totally dependent upon caregivers as his wife died last year. Please pray for both of them as he prepares and undergoes this difficult surgery and recovery.


Please pray for Vicki Krupp who just received cancer diagnosis.


Another UPDATE on MIKE - He has been through a lot in the last few weeks. He had part of his liver removed but they did not get all the cancer. He came home on Thursday and we just got word now that he is having some complications and a deacon from their church is taking him back to John Hopkins. Please keep his wife and 2 teenage daughters in your prayers for strength and peace.

Ken Weigert

My middle son, Andy, has been suffering with sever pancreatitis for more than three weeks. He is currently in Jefferson Hospital in serious conditions. Other organs have been affected and now has bleeding in his stomach. PLEASE go before our Father's throne on his behalf. We believe God is the Great Physician and the Blessed Controller of all things, and He can do all things. Please petition Him on Andy's behalf.
Thank you.


Please pray for 14 year old Brendon Moyer. He was injured in a soccer game over the weekend. He has a fractured tibia and is in a long leg cast for a few weeks and then a shorter cast for longer. Although thankfully it wasn't worse and that surgery is not needed, it still is an inconvenience for an athletic and energetic teen just going into the summer season not being able to play baseball or other activities. Please pray for his strength, physically and mentally, and that his faith in God strengthens and to know that He has a plan for Brendon and to trust in that hope. Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray for a complete recovery for our friend Marcia who was just diagnosed with Lymphoma B type.

Jerry & Joan Borton

Please pray with us that our house will sell soon. We have been on the market a month. It is difficult to live with disability, work from home, and live here and still have the home look pristine every moment of the day. We feel a bit in limbo as we wait to get an offer and move to the next place of ministry God has for us in Lakeland, FL. Thank you.

Aaron & Karen Peazzoni

My 33 year old cousin, KC (Kenneth Charles) Neefe is in heart failure; there are blockages in all 3 arteries. The front artery has an upper blockage and a lower blockage 75% and 70%. Blood pressure is too high for them to stent him right now. They will regulate his bp and do surgery in 2 weeks. He had a heart attack today.

Jennifer Smit

Update on Bobby Ferro. Thank you to all who have been praying for Bobby. 
He has defied the neurosurgeons who said he would never go to college and graduated this weekend with his masters in clinical/mental health counseling. He is ready to enter the world with the strength and determination that he has shown during his journey, but before he can help others he must face another surgery on June 11. Please continue to pray for his health and that he will have the opportunity to continue to impact the lives of many while showing this brain tumor does not define who he is.