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Our Condolences

Joyce M. Benfield, passed away September. 17, 2018. She would have celebrated her 94th birthday September 22 and was a long time member of Calvary Church.

Please keep the family in your prayers. 

Her funeral service will begin at 11:00am Friday, September 21 at the Bernard Suess Funeral Home, 606 Arch Street, Perkasie, where family and friends may call from 10:00 - 11:00am.

Our Condolences

Please pray for Mike and Bernice Delp & family following the death of Bernice's
mother, Irene Leatherman. Thank You!

Rick Robold

Please pray for my brother James from Calvary Chapel. He just successfully survived emergency open heart surgery. He is also fighting cancer. He is a believer and now faces 2 to 3 months of healing and therapy. As his older brother, I need wisdom from Our Lord how to handle the financial burden placed upon me to maintain and take care of my brother. Praise our Lord for James’ successful surgery and I know it is being used to glorify our Lord.

Betsy Sale

Prayers for our friend Larry Bollens. Spiritual, financial & for his whole family. Healing and a closeness towards God's guidance in all their lives. May The Lord speak to their hearts and heal their broken hearts. Thank you! Amen.

Betsy Sale

Please pray for my friend Marita, she will need a lumpectomy in one of her breasts. Thank you so much for caring and God Bless you!

Sunitha Stehly

Pray for little Ayan to come out as normal child in all his activities from his behavior therapist/ OT as we were told that he is high functional kid of 4 years. He is our only child and we are not young either I am in mid 40 and hubby is late 50's and I as a mother battling with his feeding issues (takes only textured based foods), bright and disciplined kid yet doctor indicated of possible mild autism and not diagnosis yet she suspect of it. I as a parent want my child in the name of God NOT autistic and help him to come out as normal kid. He would be starting school soon. Pray for little Ayan M. Stehly. Thank you!

Sunitha Stehly

This church has been special for me in my life although I have not visited it yet and still on my plans. The special prayer request is for my 4 year son to get admissions to George Wolf Elementary due to circumstances as we were about to visit today, a situation at work arose for my husband, Mark, with him getting stuck at work. Oh, Lord please relieve us of this delay and unnecessary anxiety and let our son get the admission to the school before they close for the day. I request the lovely prayer group to pray for STEHLY family.

Ruth Wasser

Please pray for me; I have been worrying and anxious over a situation in my life, and I know this is not being obedient to God. I need to trust Him and leave it in His hands and not try to control.


Please pray for my wife and I. We have been faced with a major financial crises. Please pray for our marriage in these difficult times.

Karen J.

Please pray for complete healing from lumps in my right breast. I’m still nursing. I have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks so please pray for good report. Please also pray for complete peace & strength during this time. Thanks & God bless you.


Please pray for Steph Walsh. She is battling stage 4 brain cancer after getting diagnosed in May. She has two middle school aged sons and husband at home. Please pray for her strength and that she would come near to God during this time to find His peace to carry her through the days. Pray for her husband and sons as this was a complete shock to all.

Bonnie L. Barbor

Wanted to update all those that are praying for my sister, Beverly Biebl. She is having a lot of nausea and pain and needs God to be her ever present help and her healer. Thank you for interceding for her.

Bonnie L. Barbor

My sister, Beverly Biebl, is a member of your church. She is having knee replacement surgery today, August 28, 2018. I am requesting prayer for her that the surgery goes well and that God gives her the grace and strength in handling the recovery process. Also, pray that the pain will not overwhelm her and that there will be no complications - that healing will happen quickly. Thanks so much.

Marie Bechtel

Praise for Messiah mission team's safe return and effectual ministry in Zambia, Africa….Thanks be to God...great things He has done and is doing as a result of the Messiah team.

Betsy Sale

Prayers for very dear friends of my husband that lost their nephew to suicide yesterday. Praying for comfort and the peace of Christ through this very sad time. Thank you.


After 3 long years of shadowing, taking extra classes, working overtime, and retaking the GRE’s, I have submitted my application today for occupational therapy school. Please pray for me. The competition is fierce and I have been praying, and busting my hump just to get this far. Please help me-this is my lifelong dream.

Tracey Manero

Please pray for Aaron who is a young man diagnosed with testicular cancer and through surgery has found it in 2 of his lymph nodes. He lost his father to lung cancer. Prayers for his mother Kim that God provides her with all the strength she needs to help Aaron through this time.


Please pray that God would help me to overcome lust and every other continual sin in my life. Also pray that God would heal me and fill me with patience and wisdom. Finally pray that God would strengthen Christian community in my life and my relationship with Him.

Scott Weldon

One of my customers has been diagnosed with liver cancer. I have been delivering to his store in Philadelphia for years and he has become one of my favorite customers. His name is Ishmael, and he is Muslim,. He is married with 6 children. I ask that you pray for his recovery but more that he comes to know the true Jesus of the Bible.

Emery Ashton

Roland Shedal 
He’s having a heart catheterization on Monday August 27.
Pray that all goes well.

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