It seems like what I can and can’t see in Planning Center has changed.  What happened?

Planning Center has varying permission levels that allow different resources to be seen by different people. The purpose behind permissions as PCO has it organized is for volunteers to be able to see everything they need in order to prepare and nothing extraneous. If you’re not able to see what you’re used to, your permissions probably changed.

Why did my permissions change?

The change was made for several reasons but all of which pertain to worship arts’ goal of providing an increasingly excellent volunteer experience for our people. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Focus: Minimizing the amount of information (dates, tabs, plan notes, etc.) that is put in front of our volunteers.  As a volunteer, the less I have to sift through to get what I need, the better.
  • Resourcing: We’ve been really happy to be able to provide personalized mixes that pertain specifically to your position on a plan. For example, when Joe Volunteer is scheduled to play acoustic guitar, he’s able to access a “mix” on Planning Center that has the song track with an acoustic guitar track mixed louder so he can pick out a part. Now when Joe Volunteer accesses PCO, he sees only what he needs: the original track, as well as the acoustic guitar “up mix” if one is available, for him to be able to practice with.
  • Reporting: Every song we sing in church that has a CCLI number needs to be reported on a regular basis to CCLI.  Most worship songs we sing are registered with CCLI, an organization that helps artists get remunerated for the work they do in create songs for worship. What Calvary reports to CCLI depends on how the song resources (mp3’s, charts, videos, etc.) are accessed by the people using them. The recent change in permissions allows worship arts to more accurately represent to CCLI how often these reportable resources are used, maintaining our integrity and compliance to US copyright laws as best we possibly can.
  • Rostering: Becoming a multi-site church comes with both blessings and challenges. One blessing is to spread the impact of Calvary to other communities. An inherent challenge with that blessing is maintaining a similar experience between campuses which, practically speaking, means providing live music everywhere a Calvary campus is located. Every quarter, the worship arts staff creates rosters for each campus collaboratively to help achieve the goal of maintaining as similar an experience as possible with relation to live music. That involves taking a lot of factors into consideration, including volunteer availability, position depth, rehearsal space availability, holiday impact, new musician on-boarding, and much more. Our current permissions structure allows this process to be more efficient and insightful from a global ministry perspective.

I’m a musician/vocalist. What should I be able to see?

As a musician, you should be able to access the following:

  • Stage chart for the weeks you are scheduled (if available).
  • Song MP3’s for the weeks you are scheduled, in the key that we are doing the song
  • PDF chord/lyric chart for the songs that are up for weeks you are scheduled
  • Individualized “up-mixes” for the songs we are doing on weeks you are scheduled, with your part made louder (if available)
  • Rehearsal audio MP3’s for the weeks you are scheduled (when posted)

I’m not seeing a resource on Planning Center that I think I should be able to see, even with my new permissions.  What can I do?

There are several things you can do if you can’t see a resource (MP3, stage chart, chord/lyric chart, up mix). 

  1. Try refreshing your app/web browser. To do this on a mobile device, usually you can “pull down” the menu you’re looking at to refresh it.
  2. Try reloading your app (mobile devices only) - this is different than refreshing in that you’re stopping the app from running on your device. Once you’ve “killed” your app, open it back up and see if the resource appears.
  3. (Mobile only) As a last resort, delete your app, then reinstall it. This sometimes helps clear the stored data in the app, and renews it on a deeper level than just refreshing a menu.
  4. If you still can’t see what you think you should be able to, contact a Calvary worship arts staffer for assistance.