What's So Special About KidFest? Part 2

We often say that the 3 days of KidFest are the best days all summer for the kids who attend. Why is that? What happens at KidFest that’s so special? Well, here’s the short list…

  • Giant water slides

  • Outdoor water games

  • Cheering for adults to get slimed

  • Laughing at the goofy actors on stage

  • Learning about God’s love for everyone

  • Hanging out with old friends

  • Making new friends

  • Did we mention adults getting slimed?

  • Having fun with small group leaders and teams

  • Singing/dancing/shouting to awesome music

  • Learning new things about God and his son Jesus

  • More high-fives and smiles than you can count

  • Bringing the whole family to Thursday night Finale

  • We talked about the slime, right?

Basically, from the time kids arrive in the morning til they leave at lunch, they’re having fun with lots of other kids their age and with tons of teens and adults who love them and want them to make great memories during the 3 days of KidFest. And everything that happens at KidFest stems from the fact that the Calvary Kids team knows how much God loves them and how much he wants that love to spill over into the lives of others! And the best part? All of that can happen when we’re acting silly, laughing out loud, and even getting slimed!

To see highlights from last year’s KidFest, check out this video and then head over to the registration page to get your kids signed up!

Jen Gunning