On a recent Monday morning, the Care team met to discuss a list. Before them on the table lay a pile of assorted notecards, post-it notes, and printed emails. Each piece of paper contained a story of someone in need. Some names were familiar as part of the Calvary family. Others were unknown, names of people referred by local agencies or word-of-mouth by others in the community who knew that Calvary is a place where help can be found.

Discussions were held and decisions made and by the end of the meeting, a to-do list was ready to be tackled.

  • A mom in distress would be helped with her monthly rent in conjunction with Manna on Main in Lansdale.

  • A meeting would be scheduled with 2 gentlemen referred by Keystone Opportunity Center in Souderton.

  • A tenant being helped by St. Vincent de Paul would receive half their month’s rent from Calvary.

  • A gentleman who lost his job that week would meet with the Benevolence team.

  • A senior in Quakertown whose heater needed repair would be helped in conjunction with the Salvation Army.

  • A call to Bucks County Opportunity Council would be made about helping a family in need.

  • A young couple recovering from addiction would be helped to get an apartment in conjunction with 2 other area agencies.

  • A gentleman with disabilities in Sellersville would be helped with his bills after being referred to Calvary by a local policeman who knew about Calvary’s outreach into the community.

So much of what happens week to week in Care Ministries never reaches the light of recognition. As a Calvary attender recently commented, “I never knew how generous Calvary was in helping so many people that don’t attend here. I assumed that help was for attenders only. But we are known around town for being generous.”

That ability to impact our communities happens because so many give of their time and resources freely and with the same great love that God so freely gives to us. We are grateful and excited about the new opportunities to serve others that lie ahead of us each Monday morning.

We would love to talk with you more about the work of Care Ministries and how you can contribute. Visit calvary-church.com/help to learn more about our partners and programs or consider getting involved with our Life on Life team by helping others going through difficult times. Watch our Life on Life video below or contact Emery Ashton for more info.