Over 20 years ago, a corner of Calvary Church that had existed in the shadows welcomed its first ray of light when several mothers hatched a plan...

Their children, all impacted by various disabilities, needed specialized care and because of that fact, the children and their families were mostly unable to attend church on a regular basis. The mothers decided to join forces and help each other out. They created a rotating schedule with 2 moms staying to watch all the children while the other 2 went to church. The following week they rotated positions and a disabilities ministry took its first steps.

For many years, the mothers met the needs of their families in this way, providing support, encouragement, and time to receive much needed spiritual nourishment. Other families began to join in and eventually, the group outgrew their space in their homes. Calvary opened The Rainbow Room for their use and the program took the next steps toward being a formal ministry as a little more light reached the corner where families impacted by disability spent their time.

More years passed and the number of families continued to grow. In 2012, Calvary designated disability ministries as one of their 5-year priorities. More classroom space, staffing, and resources were allocated toward expanding the outreach so that more families could connect and experience worship in their local faith community.

Today, more than 125 children and young adults participate regularly in Sunday morning Venture classes, Wednesday night LINK gatherings, and monthly Respite nights. With the opening of Quakertown’s campus this past February, even more families are being supported.

As Calvary looks toward the future, the possibilities are exciting for what Bridge can become in more and more corners of the BuxMont region. But to shine that bigger ray of light, the volunteer team needs to grow as well. Teachers, buddies, hall monitors, Respite helpers, and classroom aides are a few of the jobs that need to be matched with new volunteers who share the vision that began so many years ago in the homes of a few determined moms.

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