Did you know Calvary has a marriage and family ministry called Home Field?

Throughout the year, Home Field hosts workshops, shares info on marriage retreats, and publishes a monthly E-Zine called MarriedPeople Monthly. If you'd like to join the mailing list, email Deb Barlow. In the meantime, read these tips from Pastor Jeff Supp for enjoying the upcoming holiday season together as a couple.

1. Set expectations early

Who, where, when, and for how long, how much, etc. You need to build shared expectations to cut out those little skirmishes and sometimes big battles. And then go one step further—you have to build shared expectations with your parents, siblings, and kids. Don’t let things just happen—talk about it, make a plan, and build shared expectations all the way around. 

2. Carve out time

Don’t just carve the turkey, carve some time out of the busy schedule for the two of you: mini-dates for breakfast or lunch, a secret rendezvous, and time to talk will keep you two connected and reduce the chaos in your marriage.

3. Don’t lose sight of what this is all about.

Let me spell that out for you. THANKSGIVING = GIVE THANKS. This is not complicated. God has blessed you in many ways, so let’s not make the day so crazy we can’t find time to give thanks. CHRISTMAS = His name is in the holiday! It’s all about Him. So leading up to and the day of, find ways to turn your attention and your kids’ attention to Jesus. And even as you buy gifts, remind yourself that you give gifts to mirror the ultimate gift of love, Jesus.