This fall, we announced that our Multisite Vision is becoming a reality - Calvary is headed to Quakertown in 2017!

Stay tuned for more info, and how you can get involved. In the meantime, please pray for us, as we grow into one church with two campuses!

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Have you heard about the new Calvary campus that’s coming to Quakertown? Have questions about the details of how that process will unfold? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve gathered.

When are we starting the new site and where is it located?

February 2017 is our anticipated launch goal. We will be located at Quakertown Christian School (50 E Paletown Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951).

Which pastors will be in Quakertown? 

Carlos Velez will be at the Quakertown site as the Campus Pastor. Charles Zimmerman will visit the Quakertown campus but mainly teach from the Souderton site. Carlos will still be on the preaching team of Calvary Church. When he preaches, he will come to Souderton. The Sundays that Carlos preaches will give opportunities for Charles to go to Quakertown. Jay Desko will be present at the site on a consistent basis as well as other Pastoral staff who will make regular visits. 

Will the preaching be live at Quakertown?

In order to create unity around being one church, the sermons will be video simulcast out of the Souderton campus. This innovative method is the most certain way of creating consistency in our service planning. All other elements of the service will be live at the Quakertown campus. 

Will there be Adult Bible Classes on Sunday mornings? 

Part of the planning process includes making decisions about what to replicate at the new site and what new opportunities to offer. We’ve decided these groups will not meet in Quakertown. The facility classroom space will be utilized so that Bridge Disability Ministries and Calvary Kids will have plenty of room at the new site. Opportunities for Home Groups and Discipleship training are being developed and these will meet at various times in place of the Sunday morning Adult Bible classes.

Will there be Student Ministries at the new site? 

There will be a Student Ministries section in the auditorium during services just as there is at our Souderton campus. Both campuses will come together for Thrive and Element groups at the Souderton campus. Jess Greaser and Jason Lollar will be present at the Quakertown campus on a consistent basis. There will Quakertown specific events hosted at individuals’ homes. We will continually be learning and discovering how to best serve the students of the Quakertown campus. 

Will there be Bridge Disability Ministries at the new site?  

Our Bridge Disability program is one of the special DNA markers of Calvary Church. We will expand our program by offering classes at the new site. Our plan includes outfitting classrooms especially suited to Bridge, adding staff, and recruiting new volunteers.

Are there going to be elders at the site?

We are one church meeting at two locations under one elder board. Any elders at the Quakertown site will attend because they happen to be an elder who goes to the site.

Why did we choose Quakertown Christian School?  

We have targeted three areas where we would like to open a site. These areas include Montgomeryville, Harleysville, and Quakertown.  While we have searched in all of those areas, this location was the first successful door that has opened. Quakertown Christian School is a vibrant organization with a similar vision for the community of Quakertown and the same desire to reach people with the gospel. We have access to the building every Sunday, an additional one night per week, and access to office space that has a separate entrance than the school seven days per week. We will continue to look in Montgomeryville and Harleysville for locations for future sites of Calvary Church.

How do I get involved? 

Come out to one of our informational meetings or contact Carlos for more information. 

Commit to going to the Quakertown Campus for one year. 

Volunteer to serve in one of the ministry areas of Calvary Church in Quakertown.

Give towards the financial goal of starting this new site.

Pray for the community of Quakertown, the new site, and for wisdom for us in our endeavors to reach more people with the gospel.