Looking Forward to Fall with Calvary Kids

KidFest 2019 is all packed away now and we’ve just got a lot of awesome photos and memories to help us remember how great those 3 days at Calvary are for everyone who joins in the fun. Sure, we let loose and get crazy for 3 days with loud singing, funny skits, messy water games, and slippery slime. But there’s a lot more happening, too.

We’ve heard a lot of wonderful stories from kids, parents, and volunteers about what KidFest at Calvary means to them. During the large group teaching time, the devotional tent sessions, the one-on-one talks with team leaders, and the times of prayer, hearts are being impacted with the message that God loves each person and he has a plan for their lives that everyone can be excited about!

Here are a few ways that the good news about God’s love through Jesus has made an impact in our church family and our community this summer:

· A lady who attends Calvary called to get the teacher’s name for her grandson’s class so she could thank her because he told her he accepted Jesus as his Savior at KidFest Jr.

· An elementary-aged girl with autism asked her leader to help her pray so she could accept Jesus.

· Many parents shared that their kids were coming home singing & talking about what they learned about real love at KidFest.

· A lady stopped by the HUB and said it was her daughter’s first time attending. She said what we were doing was such a blessing to the families attending and she was so amazed at how much we offered all the kids who attended.

· A lady stopped by the HUB after dropping off her children to ask us to pray for her brother-in-law who was in surgery that morning for heart valve replacement. She was in tears and very concerned for her sister and their 2 young children. The next day she returned to share that her brother-in-law had come through surgery and to ask that we continue praying for his recovery and healing. This time she was smiling!

· A team assistant mentioned after one of the devotional times that until that day she had never fully understood the gospel or message of God's love through Jesus. So we're not only impacting kids, but sometimes adults, as well!

So what’s next? Do we just wait til next summer to get excited about Kids Ministry at Calvary again? No way! Check out the upcoming plans we have for families kicking off in August. We can’t wait to see you there and better yet, we’d love for you to join the Calvary Kids team as we continue to reach families with the good news about Jesus! To learn more about volunteering, contact Dawn Dant at ddant@calvary-church.com .

· Calvary Kids Clubhouse — We’re also really excited to invite you to our Wednesday night programming for kids that starts September 11. Kids in grades 1-5 can explore their interests in a variety of clubs including Zany Brain Strainers, Cupcake Wars, Mad about Science, Cooking Club, Dance Club, and Stardust Art. Clubs are all offered at an introductory level, are broken down by grade level, and vary by 5-week session. Space is limited and available on a first-come first-served basis. Registration for Session 1 is open. Details can be found at calvary-church.com/kids.

· Bible App for Kids and Parents — Our theme at KidFest this year was LOVE, knowing God loves us changes everything. To help you keep the conversation going at home about God’s love, you can read all about it in the Bible. It’s a great place to learn more about God’s love and how it changes everything. If you don’t have your own copy of the Bible, you can download the Bible app for kids (https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-app-for-kids/) or for teens and adults (www.youversion.com/the-bible-app ) on any mobile device. If you would prefer a hard copy of the Adventure Bible for your child, contact us at kids@calvary-church.com.

· Calvary Kids Instagram — Did you know that Calvary Kids has their own Instagram page? Follow us @kids.calvarychurch. We look forward to seeing you all through the fall at Calvary!

KidFest Volunteers Rock!

KidFest Volunteers Rock!

We all know who makes any large event possible. It's not the leaders, as awesome as they may be...it's the volunteers who step up to get the job done and make the event a success! At Calvary, we're so thankful for the countless (actually about 600) men, women, and young people who sign up each summer to be part of KidFest and make the 3 days in July some of the best of the summer for the kids who attend. So what do they do and why do they keep coming back?

After going through a background check process, KidFest volunteers get ready to serve on a variety of teams: set up and tear down, greeters and parking, craft and music, outdoor games, and snack assistants, to name a few. 

The excitement builds as July 9 gets closer until that morning when everyone arrives at Souderton campus to kick off KidFest. Volunteers check in to get their tshirts and security bracelets and then head to their assigned areas. The whole building is buzzing with energy and excitement as the 1500+ kids start arriving and finding their team locations. Then it's full steam ahead for 3 hours of singing, laughing, learning, and playing as the good news about Jesus is shared in ways that kids can't wait to talk about. And they often bring friends and neighbors with them the following morning!  

After Day 3 wraps up, the kids, their families, and all the volunteers are invited back for a Family Finale in the evening where even more fun is ready to be enjoyed: water slides, a petting zoo, food vendors, and this year the special guest will be Flippin' Out, an acrobatic trampoline group. 

So how can you be part of the team that makes all this summer fun happen at Calvary? Head over to our volunteer registration page and start the process by signing up for one of the jobs listed there. We're pretty sure it's the kids who have the most fun, but the volunteers definitely come in a close second. We can't wait for you to join us for KidFest 2019 and find out for yourself what we're talking about! 

Still have questions about volunteering? Contact Dawn Dant with our Calvary Kids team and she'll be happy to help!  

Good Friday and Easter 2019 Service Times

Good Friday and Easter 2019 Service Times

Join us for one of our 7 Easter weekend services at our Quakertown and Souderton campuses! Services times by campus are listed below:


Saturday: 5:30pm
Sunday: 9:00 & 10:30am


Saturday: 4:00 & 5:30pm
Sunday: 9:00 & 10:30am

Good Friday services will be held at 5:00 & 6:30pm in Heritage Hall at Souderton campus.

What's So Special About KidFest? Part 2

What's So Special About KidFest? Part 2

We often say that the 3 days of KidFest are the best days all summer for the kids who attend. Why is that? What happens at KidFest that’s so special? Well, here’s the short list…

  • Giant water slides

  • Outdoor water games

  • Cheering for adults to get slimed

  • Laughing at the goofy actors on stage

  • Learning about God’s love for everyone

  • Hanging out with old friends

  • Making new friends

  • Did we mention adults getting slimed?

  • Having fun with small group leaders and teams

  • Singing/dancing/shouting to awesome music

  • Learning new things about God and his son Jesus

  • More high-fives and smiles than you can count

  • Bringing the whole family to Thursday night Finale

  • We talked about the slime, right?

Basically, from the time kids arrive in the morning til they leave at lunch, they’re having fun with lots of other kids their age and with tons of teens and adults who love them and want them to make great memories during the 3 days of KidFest. And everything that happens at KidFest stems from the fact that the Calvary Kids team knows how much God loves them and how much he wants that love to spill over into the lives of others! And the best part? All of that can happen when we’re acting silly, laughing out loud, and even getting slimed!

To see highlights from last year’s KidFest, check out this video and then head over to the registration page to get your kids signed up!

KidFest 2019 Is In The Works! Part 1

KidFest 2019 Is In The Works! Part 1

Every Sunday and throughout the week at Calvary there are all kinds of activities and groups for kids to enjoy…Wednesday Night Clubhouse and Playhouse, Sunday morning Kids classes, and special gatherings like Holiday Hoopla and Outdoor Movie Nights.

But we save the biggest, brightest, loudest, craziest, and slimiest fun for 3 days in July…KidFest is Calvary’s most exciting event for kids age 4 – grade 6 and IT’S FREE!

Parents, you’ve got to mark July 9-11 on your calendars and make sure to get your kids registered. Kids, you’ve got to start telling your friends at school and in your neighborhood that they’re welcome to come along with you and experience every single bit of fun that we’re planning for you all!

Want more details? Visit calvary-church.com/kidfest to watch a highlight video and find the registration links. You can email us, too, with any questions you might have. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

A Day in the Life: Care Ministries

A Day in the Life: Care Ministries

A Day in the Life: Care Ministries

Pastor Ray Kulbeda walked into his office on a recent Monday morning for a meeting with his Care team. Before them on the table lay a pile of assorted notecards, post-it notes, and printed emails. Each piece of paper contained a story of someone in need….continue reading here.

Continuing What Jesus Started...with our Urban Partners

Continuing What Jesus Started...with our Urban Partners

If you've attended Calvary for a while, you know that we often participate in Philadelphia-area Christmas toy drives, back-to-school collections, and summer block party events. Partnerships with urban organizations have been a priority at Calvary since 2012 when we began our 5-Year Campaign which included an Urban Priority.