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10.13.19: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In - Living Dangerously


10.06.19: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In - Writing on The Wall

9.29.19: How to Stand Out When You Don't Fit In - Hard to be Humble

9.22.19: How to Stand Out When You Don't Fit In - Exploring the Furnace

09.15.19: How to Stand out When you Don’t Fit In - The Kingdom Dream

09.08.19: How to Stand Out When You Don’t Fit In - Counter Cultural Living

09.01.19: Face Time - John - Is It Worth It?

08.25.19: Face Time - Holy Chutzpah

08.18.19: Face Time - Paul - On Your Face Time

08.11.19: Face Time - Breakfast on The Beach

08.04.19: Face Time - Breaking Barriers

7.28.19: Face Time - Surprise… at a Funeral


07.21.19: Face Time - Turbulent Encounters

07.14.19: Face Time - The Greatest Commandment

07.07.19: Face Time - Who’s Laughing Now?

06.30.19: Christianity Illustrated - So What?

06.23.19: Christianity Illustrated - Repentance and Mission

06.16.19: Christianity Illustrated - Lessons from Lazarus

06.09.19: Christianity Illustrated - Heavenly Ready

06.02.19: Christianity Illustrated- Gospel Stewardship

05.28.19: Christianity Illustrated- Wheat and Weeds

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05.19.19: Christianity Illustrated- Community of Neighbors

05.12.19: Christianity Illustrated- Don’t Give Up


05.05.19: Christianity Illustrated- Surprise!

04.28.19: Christianity Illustrated- Celebration of Salvation

04.14.19: Palm Sunday

04.07.19: Therefore Everyone, Week 12: Community and Mission

03.31.19: Therefore Everyone- Weak & Strong

03.24.19: Therefore Everyone - Christians, Politics, & Government

03.17.19: Therefore Everyone- Revisiting Relationships

03.10.19: Therefore Everyone- Real Love

03.03.19: Therefore Everyone- Unity

02.24.19: Therefore Everyone- Stress & Submission

02.17.19: Therefore Everyone - Guaranteed

02.10.19: Therefore Everyone- Joy in the Journey

02.03.19- Therefore Everyone: Groaning to Glory

01.27.19- Therefore Everyone: Benefits of the Gospel

Therefore Everyone- Getting Back in the Game

01.06.19: Haggai

12.30.18- CC Weekend Message

Christmas Eve 2018


12.09.18: For Everyone- Game Break

12.02.18: For Everyone- War Within

11.25.18: For Everyone- Law and Obedience

11.18.18: For Everyone- On the Other Side

11.11.18: For Everyone- Status Change

11.04.18: For Everyone: Compare & Contrast

10.28.18: For Everyone- Joy of Christianity

For Everyone- Justification

For Everyone-Righteousness & Response

For Everyone-Result & Review

For Everyone-Hear ye; Hear ye!

For Everyone-Rejection & Embrace

For Everyone - Getting Started

“_____ One Another.”

Compassionate Pursuit

Billboard Top 10 Verses: God Sends; Acts 1:8

Billboard Top 10 Verses: The Right Perspective

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Jeremiah 29:11

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Matthew 7:1

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Follow Me!

Billboard Top 10 Verses: John 3:16

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Interview with Rob Loughery

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Joshua 24:15

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Matthew 16:18

Billboard Top 10 Verses: Philippians 4:13

Reality Check: Church

Reality Check: Worry

Reality Check: God

Reality Check: Grief

Reality Check: Money

Reality Check: Mother’s Day

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Reality Check: Rest

Reality Check: Purpose

Reality Check: Community

Reality Check: Christianity

Easter 2018

Palm Sunday 2018

What's With Lent?

The Prequel: Recap & Review

The Prequel: Light in the Darkness

The Prequel: Paradoxical Rescuer

The Prequel: Highs & Lows

The Prequel: Ups & Downs

The Prequel: Twists & Turns

The Prequel: Stranger Things

The Prequel: Prequel to the Prequel

Get Growing

Say Yes!

The Faithfulness of God

Christmas 2017

Fruitology: Faithfulness

Fruitology: Self-Control

Fruitology: Kindness & Gentleness

Fruitology: Goodness

Fruitology: Patience

Fruitology: Peace

Fruitology: Joy

Fruitology: Love



Speak Up: Esther's Mission

Speak Up: Our Mission Motivates Our Mouths

You Belong Here: Living & Loving

You Belong Here: The Shark Tank

Summer 2017: Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks!

Summer 2017: Two Ways to Live

Summer 2017: Learning from Jesus: Lessons on Prayer

Summer 2017: Finding Your Rhythm of Rest

Summer 2017: Forgive

Summer 2017: Psalm 23

Summer 2017: Say Yes!

Summer 2017: Say No!

Summer 2017: Living the United Life

Summer 2017 Week 1 Souderton
Summer 2017 Week 1 Quakertown

CWJS- Series Conclusion

CWJS- Good News!?

CWJS- Preach the Word

CWJS- Engaging Scripture

CWJS- Engaging Culture

CWJS- Metamorphosis

CWJS- Practice the Pictures

CWJS- Made For More


CWJS: Acceptance, Flawed, Change

CWJS: Continuing What Jesus Started

This is the Life: This is the Life...After Death




Have you even been misunderstood? Have you ever felt maligned or even mistreated for doing what you thought was right? If so, you are good company, Daniel lived in a foreign country trying to faithfully love God and love people in a culture that held to very different beliefs, values and priorities. Join us this fall as we seek continue what Jesus started in our context and culture.

Daniel will help us wrestle with the biblical principle that in spite of appearances, God is in control.

How can we remain faithful to Jesus and the gospel in a context and culture that is headed in a different direction? Is it worth standing firm and staying faithful when God seems so far away? How can we live courageously and confidently in a culture that doesn’t believe and is opposed to what we believe? Is it possible to love and serve others and show the goodness of God in a time such as ours?

It is increasingly easy to be misunderstood, maligned or even mistreated in our culture for seeking to be faithful to the gospel.

The Old Testament book of Daniel will help us wrestle with these questions as we seek to come to appropriate conclusions for us.