Join us for Playhouse and Clubhouse!

Session 2 will run October 16-November 13

Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30pm

Playhouse Logo.png

Children ages 3 - Kindergarten can attend Calvary Kids Playhouse where they'll sing, make crafts, play, and learn about God's love for them. Playhouse will be accepting advance registration this year.

Clubhouse Logo.png

Calvary Kids Clubhouse for Grades 1-5 offers introductory experience activities like karate, dance, art, and more. The first half of the evening will be spent in the club of kids’ choice and the second half will be a high-energy, interactive large-group time with Bible teaching.

Action Karate.png

Action Karate Club

Grades 1-5

Cost: Free!

Club Leader: Action Karate Telford

Hi-yah! Learn the basics of Karate and have fun at the same time!

Cooking Club.png

Cooking Club

Grades 1-2

Cost: $30

Club Leader: Rebecca Deuchar

Discover the basics of cooking and use your creativity to make delicious dishes. Bon Appetite!

Dance Club.png

Dance Club

Grades 3-5

Cost: Free!

Club Leader: Katrina Shellenberger

Move to the music! Learn the basics of tutu required!


Zany Brain Strainers Club

Grades 3-5

Cost: Free!

Club Leader: Joyce Shellenberger

Stretch your mind with ridiculous riddles, tough puzzles, strategy games, and more. But don't worry...all of these brain strainers are guaranteed fun!

ck - Bricks 4 Kids Lego Club.jpg

Bricks 4 Kidz Lego Club

Grades 1-5

Cost: $30

Club Leader: staff of Bricks4Kidz

Build awesome creations, embrace your creativity, and play with LEGO bricks!

Stardust Art.png

Stardust Art Club

Grades 1-5

Cost: $30

Club Leader: Stardust Art Staff

Let your creative juices flow as you paint, sculpt, and create cool art projects to take home!

Cupcake Wars.png

Cupcake Wars Club

Grades 3-5

Cost: Free!

Club Leader: Jenn Crocus

Explore the basics of cupcake decorating, and compete with your friends to make amazing designs! Note: This VERY popular has limited space, so don't wait to sign up!

Mad About Science Club.png

Made About Science Club

Grades 1-5

Cost: $30

Club Leader: Mad Science of NJ

Welcome to the exciting world of Mad Science! Join in as we explore how science can help us learn about the world around us.

All-Star Sports Club.png

All-Star Sports Club

Grades 3-5

Cost: Free!

Club Leader: Kellie Melson

It's game time! Play a variety of sports and games with your friends. So official, all you need is a whistle.

OutdoorAdventureClub - Square.png

Outdoor Adventure Club

Grades 1-5

Cost: Free!

Club Leader: Haycock Camping Ministries

Spend some time in the great outdoors! You'll learn to set up a campsite, how to build a fire, and much, much more.