Anxiety. That feeling of frantic panic and out-of-control worry. Anxiety can steal all of our joy and taint all of our relationships and experiences. But God wants better things for you, so he says you can cast all your anxiety on him. But how do you do that?

By praying. We can give our anxiety to God by praying and then trusting that he is good and that he cares for us. The weight of anxiety can be crushing. That’s why God invites us to give all of our worries to him. The keyword here is “all.” Don’t hold back. Give it all to him. 

In 1 Peter 5:5-7, Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends, says we should be “castING” (emphasis on the ing…) our anxieties on to Jesus. He’s saying it’s an ongoing thing. This isn’t a one time activity or a one time decision. We need to make a conscious choice every day to throw our anxiety and worry on to Jesus, because he cares for us.

What worry can you give to God today? What anxieties are you facing today that you need God to free you from?

Read 1 Peter 5