Current Series: This is the Life


We often use the expression – “this is the life” to express our complete satisfaction with something we are experiencing at the moment: a peaceful afternoon relaxing at the beach with the crashing of the waves in the background and a full week of vacation ahead of you; finishing a perfectly cooked meal at your favorite restaurant and dessert is on the way; cheering as the flatbed trucks roll by in front of you on Broad Street as you cheer for the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles…  We have all experienced a few “this is the life” moments, but they are short lived and never completely satisfy.  

The expression – “this is the life” can be used pointing to Jesus, the only perfectly lived life. He did all that we should have done, abstained from all we should have stayed away from – he lived the perfect life.  But rather than exalt in his perfect life, he proceeded to pay the price of our failures and offer to us the rewards of his perfect life. Jesus’ life really is the life – the ultimate life.  He offers a life that satisfies today and forever. 

In this series we will examine a few instances from Jesus’ life and see how we can experience some of the abundant life he offers as we follow him.  Join us as we walk with Jesus to Good Friday all the way to Easter Sunday.