Carol Leatherman

I thank you for your prayers as I had safe and uneventful hip replacement on Monday, August 21. I ask that you continue to pray with me for strength, courage, and timely recovery. I thank God for the outstanding care of the wonderful doctors and nurses at Grand View Hospital.


Please keep my daughter in-law in your prayers as she has been sick since giving birth three weeks ago. She has an infection in her body and the doctors cannot figure out what's going on. She is being tested now for blood clots in her lungs.


Could you please pray for a friend of mine and his dad? His dad is having open heart surgery and is weak.

Susan Grbas

Please pray for my mother who passed away peacefully on July 31, 2017. Please pray for our family and friends.


Please keep a new mom in your prayers. She is possibly suffering from postpartum depression.


Please keep my newborn grandson, 10 days old, in your prayers. The parents were just informed yesterday he may be tongue and lip tied. This is causing him to lose weight.


Please pray for Bobby who has a rare muscular disease. He needs specialized surgery and his insurer is requiring a less experienced surgeon to comply with coverage. The family is praying for the less experienced surgeon to recommend a transfer of care which will be covered, if recommended.

Irene Wendig

My husband had a heart attack on Wednesday, August 2, and on Monday, August 7, he under went triple bypass surgery. God is good He has been an ever present refuge for us during this time. We do have a long road ahead of us. My husband will be out of work for 3 months, and he is our main bread winner in the house. Please pray as God continues to provide.
Thank you.

Laurie Spackman

Our Son, Tyler, has recently completed High School and is now in a Day Program. We are waiting for State Funding to be released to the county. If it is not released in the next week or two, Tyler will not be able to continue the programming that he loves so much and is doing well in. It has been very difficult to find a program that works for him with his having Down's Syndrome and Autism. We can not afford to private pay for him. Please pray that this funding will come in this month without a break in his services provided. Thanks so much!

Anita DeCaro

My dearest friend, Maureen's husband Ken, had what they thought was routine surgery for the removal of his gall bladder today. During the surgery, they discovered he has Cirrhosis of the liver and possibly something else. They are waiting for test results. Please pray for for both of them.

Karen Kirk

Please pray for Mike and Paula who have two sons in Children's Hospital. Their son, Jacob, has an intestinal infection and has been in the hospital since Friday and another son, Nathan, was airlifted to CHOP Sunday when a car he was helping to fix fell on him and broke his pelvis. Please pray for healing of their bodies. Also for the salvation of the whole family. May they seek the Lord during this difficult time of hardship. Thank you.

Our Condolences

Geraldine Landis went home to be with the Lord on July 29, 2017.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend her funeral service at 11am on Monday, August 7 at Calvary Church in Souderton. The family will receive guests from 9-10:45am.

Our Condolences

Frank Virnelson went to rest in the arms of Jesus on Saturday, July 15, 2017.

A visitation will be held on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at Calvary Church in Souderton, from 9:00 - 10:30am. A memorial service will follow at 11am.

Nancy Davis

Please continue to pray for my nephew, Rob. He has been approved for surgery to help his muscle condition. However, the surgeon the insurance company is recommending has no experience with the specific procedure he needs. We are praying this surgeon refers our nephew to a known surgeon with the desired experience.


Please pray for my wife and I and our marriage. Wisdom, knowledge, strength, peace, joy, and happiness. Gods blessings.

Lynne Domeracki

Please pray for Richard Haines. Rich and Naomi have been regular attenders at Calvary for about 20 years. Rich was recently diagnosed with a glioblastoma. This is a very aggressive brain tumor. He is currently getting radiation and Chemo in hopes of slowing the growth of the tumor.

Ray Derstine

Ray Derstine is at Grand View Hospital being treated for an unknown infection. Please pray for healing and for the doctors.


Please pray for my aunt Regina. She was diagnosed with a cancerous spot on her retina last week. She is having difficulties with the insurance company approving treatment and time is of the essence in getting treatment started. Our family is trusting God's timing and his love of life to surround and guide her during this difficult time. We're thankful for the encouragement of your prayers as we ask God to extend his healing hand to her in the coming days. 


Please pray for my mom that she will seek medical care. She is past menopause for about 9 years now and she just shared with me the other day that a few weeks ago she was bleeding and cramping for 2 weeks which to me sounds like it could be a very serious thing. I'm very worried about her. She doesn't have medical coverage and has paranoia and anxiety so when I mentioned taking her to a doctor she refused. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


I'll be traveling cross country from July 19-30 and would appreciate prayers for safety during my travels.