Amy Miller

Please pray with me as I wait for news regarding an ongoing spinal problem. It is especially stressful today as it is the 13th anniversary of my father's death. I pray for peace and acceptance no matter what God's plan may be.

Mariah Drenth-Cormick

Last week I received word (through MRI results) that I have a 4mm mass/tumor on the base of my spine. Where it is sitting is causing severe nerve pain into the front of my left leg to the knee. No meds seem to I just deal. I go to see a Neurosurgeon on the 29th. I ask for prayer for the outcome. Surgery? Is it cancer? Can I be relieved of this 24/7 pain? God is good and I thank Him for this humbling reminder to not take the little things for cleaning (with out pain etc).

Our Condolences

Robert L. Loux, entered into heaven, June 10, 2017. A celebration service will be held at 1pm on Saturday, July 1, at Calvary Church. Fellowship and refreshments with the family will immediately follow the service.

Please keep the family in your prayers.


My husband and I are landlords and we are in the process of evicting a tenant. We have received papers that she is taking us to court. I ask prayer that we handle all things in a Godly manner and I also ask for God's protection. I am so sick with worry over this that I am making myself ill. I would ask that I would rely on the Lord to see us through and trust Him!

Cindy Walther

Our son, Rich has an interview at BioGen in Raleigh, NC Tuesday, June 13th. PLEASE PRAY that he gets the job...he has been looking for a while. Thank you!

Faye Bergey

Our family would cherish your prayers for Elaine L. Bergey of Souderton and for all of us as we walk with her on this journey. She is currently a patient at Jefferson Hospital being evaluated for back pain related to spine issues. Thank you.


Please pray for my boyfriend, Louis Celecz. His health has been bad, and he just found out he has Lyme disease. He's at the ER now and is scared. He is also having financial problems; he can't afford rent or his bills because of getting hurt on his job and can't work. Thank you. Prayer works!

Gwen Prichard

Please pray for volunteers for our Divorce Care for Kids Class. Thursday nights 7:00-8:30 Sept 7 - Dec 14. We could use one or two more people. It doesn't have to be every Thursday night.
Also pray for all of our Divorce Care classes - for the participants that God will be bring to our classes. God preparing them for healing and the salvation of those who are not saved.

Holly Post

A friend of mine is headed to Florida this week with her family to visit with her brother who is in rehab. Not long ago he just about died from a heroin overdose (thus the family trip to FL). He is only 25 and needs Jesus. Jesus and our prayers is his only hope at this point. Please pray that Jesus will give him victory over this addiction.


Please pray for my sister and the people in her country. She is living in Bangladesh and right now there is a cyclone that is headed right for them.


Please pray for my heart health. I have an AICD (Automatic Internal Cardiac Defibrillator). God has been good to me for the last 24 years and my AICD has only shocked for 4 times. But last week I was shocked 3 times and in the hospital for 3 days. I would like a prayer for God to heal my heart and heal any deterioration that may have taken place that would cause this to happen.


Please pray for our kids' complete well-being as my husband and I face an on-going battle for their honest, loving, safe up-bringing with their dad and his girlfriend who seem to steer them in wrong directions with lies, confusion and disregard. We also ask for wisdom, discernment, clarity and peace from God as we deal with everyone involved...and for healthy relationships within our family.


Please pray for my family...I have gotten myself up each time but this time I'm not sure...I know to some my worries seem small but as a single mom of 2 boys I'm son's father promised he would be paying child support but it never came & there's no paper trail that it's there and he says he paid almost 2 Fridays ago. So now I have very little money and $500 in bills to pay...I have been to Pennridge Fish already for help. I have enough food for dinner but not enough for me and my oldest son to eat breakfast and oldest son has no clean clothes as we do them at the please pray God makes a way. I just don't know what to do. Thank you...God bless. 


Please pray for my friend, Keith. It is possible that he has cancer and is in the process of testing. His family and friends need him! Let's heal him before he is even diagnosed with something bad. Thank you for your support!

Donna Massey

My mom's name is Helen Riccardi.  She has stage four breast and bone cancer.  We would appreciate prayers for her, her husband, and all the family in the coming days and months.


Pray that my sons addiction is looked at like an illness so that he may get the proper care and is treated by the law as such for his consequences. May our family stay strong and become closer through his life long challenge. Thank you.


Please join me in praying for a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. She and her family have been through an enormous amount of trauma in recent years. Now they are experiencing significant challenges with their extended family. She knows that the situation is so big that only God can handle it.

Kara Derstein

First, I want to share a praise. Our daughter, Tegan, had her cleft lip repaired & is doing so well. We praise the Lord for her life and for giving her to us. The second is a prayer request. I was diagnosed last week with melanoma and will be having surgery on Tuesday 5/23 and after that some diagnostic testing. Please pray for the surgeon, my heath, and that this can increase my testimony.

Jon T. Jessmer

Please pray for my daughter, Christina Kelczewski. She is going through depression after the birth of her second child. I'm from Plattsburgh, NY, and when my son, Jon Jessmer, goes to the church, WE COME. My son Jon loves the minister Charles Zimmerman and makes an effort to hear him. We love the coffee and sometimes the danish. The band and lights also make a big difference. God bless your church and the new one in Quakertown. Thank all for the prayers of many. God bless you all.

Diane Provost

 Please pray for my faithful friend Michelle who was diagnosed a few years ago with a rare blood cancer and underwent stem cell surgery last year. She was doing so well and then the stem cell slowed down it's healing. She now has to have daily blood transfusions, radiation for the next ten days and then another stem cell surgery the first week of June. Please pray for healing and the Lord's touch upon Michelle and strength for her husband Bill and 2 children.