Marriage & Parenting Workshops

Several times each year we have workshops where parents and married couples gather together for discussion and encouragement. These times offer a place to meet other couples who are experiencing the same joys and struggles as you are in your family relationships. We are excited to partner with couples, parents, families as they grow and move through the different seasons of home life.


Stay tuned! More to come...

On Sunday, Feb. 19, Homefield Ministry put on:
Parenting Workshop: Disciplining During the Early Years

Tune in to hear Jeff Supp as he taught us about disciplining our toddlers and preschool children.

Pre-Marital Ministry

Considering getting married at Calvary Church? Over 1,000 other couples  have gone through our Pre-Marital Ministry process. We welcome you to visit the link below to get more information on this exciting and important part of ministry to men and women at Calvary. 

If you're interested in any kind of marital or family counseling, contact Cindy to schedule a meeting with one of our counselors.