When it comes to children’s ministries, part of our mission is to partner with parents and grandparents. We believe that what happens at home is more important that what happens here on a Sunday.  On average, we get about 40 hours a year with a child, while parents get over 3000 hour with their children. They have the greatest potential spiritual impact in the lives of their children.  Child Dedications is one way in which we partner with parents.  When a parent or grandparent chooses to dedicate their child or grandchild, they make a commitment to raise their child in a way that honors God and points them to Jesus.  At the same time, we as a church commit to support and partner with these parents and grandparents in their efforts to raise their children with Jesus at the center. 

Interested in dedicating your child(ren) at Calvary?
Let us know!

Deadline to sign up for Sunday, April 23 dedication is April 9.